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Cosmetic Dentistry in Rocky Point N.Y


Cosmetic Dentistry in Rocky Point, NY by Dr. Craig Leshinger.

Contact for Implant Dentistry, Teeth whitening, Cosmetic Dentistry, Smile makeover, Dental Implants and teeth straightening.

Our dentistry specialized in Bleaching, hygiene, dental health, smile makeover, and laser dentistry.

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A Few Words


A few words from
Craig Leshinger D.M.D
Dear Friends,

Thank you for considering the discount dental plan. I have worked very hard in implementing this plan. As we all know economic conditions are horrible, most peoples dental benefits are being slashed or eliminated.With the ddsp plan we will change all of that. Every dental procedure will be covered, even procedures not covered by traditional insurance. This would include cosmetic, implant, laser and even bleaching procedures. As a client of DDSP you will receive state of the art dental procedures using high tech dental methods. You will be amazed by how advanced dentistry has become and bewildered why you haven’t receiving this type of advanced dentistry. Take time to read our brochure or visit our website Discount Dental Savings Plan and join today. Our space is limited so join today. Family and Business plans also available.
Craig Leshinger D.M.D

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Discounted Dental Savings Plan

The Discounted Dental Savings Plan is a great way to save you, your family or your business a ton of money on dental treatment. At the same time increasing the quality of dentistry you have been receiving. Using high tech dental procedures our office can deliver the BEST dental treatment available anywhere. Our office is so state of the art that most people living in the trendiest zip codes arenʼt receiving this type of dentistry.

If they are receiving high tech dentistry they are paying a small fortune for it. You can be receiving high tech dental for a fraction of the cost by joining the DISCOUNTED DENTAL SAVINGS PLAN. The cost is only 25 dollars a month – thatʼs less than 85 cents a day. The plan covers all types of dental procedures and many not covered by traditional dental insurance. The plan offers free tooth polishing, x-rays and exams.

It covers crowns, implants, laser gum surgery, veneers, bleaching all at deeply discounted prices. There are no maximum benefits associated with traditional dental insurance. There are no approvals needed and all procedures are covered including cosmetics and implants which traditional dental insurance doesnʼt cover. Our office is staffed by pleasant, caring team members, which will help you with any questions you have. Our office is a clean, state of the art equipped office that offers coffee and fresh baked cookies while you wait or to take with you.

This will be the best dental experience you ever experienced at a price you can afford. Our office has been serving the community for 18 years. We hope to get a chance to serve you. You can visit our website at discountdentalsavingsplan.com for more information. The website will introduce you to all of our futuristic equipment and to see the staff. Call or fill out the brochure to join today. We are only accepting 1500 people and spots are filling fast. Donʼt delay and join the discount dental savings plan today.

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How to Join DDSP?

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How To Get Started

It couldn't be any easier to join the Discount Dental Plan. You can call the office at 631-744-5700 and one of our team members will be glad to help you sign up or answer any of your questions.

If you have a brochure than just fill out the form and mail it with a check. Your activation will start immediately.

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Why Should You Join in DDSP?

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Everyone is feeling the effects of the global credit crunch. Our presidential candidates our promising to fix our economy , health care and fuel costs. The public's knows waiting for the government to fix these problems is a painful wait. We know government is better at making problems not fixing them. I was watching the presidential debate and notice a private citizen offering a plan to stop our dependence on foreign oil. The Pickens Plan, I joined his army right immediately. Then I said to myself what can I do to help people in my neighbor hood. I decided to start my own plan to help people with the high cost of dentistry. So the discounted dental plan (DDP) was born. For a small monthly fee people can save large amounts of money on their dental bills. I will describe how the plan works and all its benefits for those who join. First let me say the level of dentistry you and you family will be receiving will be unmatched by any other dental office.

Our office offer high tech dentistry. We use computers ,lasers, digital x-rays, non-mercury fillings and so much more. Most new patients wonder out loud why other dentists aren't practicing high tech dentistry . It is obvious to them they have been receiving inferior dental procedures and paying much higher prices. The cost of the plan is only 25 dollars a month, that is right ,only 25 dollars. If you only clean your teeth 2x a year you will be saving over 300 dollars a year. The reason your x-rays, exams and teeth polishing are free. If you need any other dental work the savings will add up to hundreds to thousands of dollars. An quick example of this: you need to get a crown done average cost around 1050 with DDP 399 That is over 650 dollar savings.

The savings just doesn't end with the price, because our office practices high tech dentistry your crown is made in the office while you wait with our state of the art crown milling machine. The whole procedure takes less than on hour no second visit, no temporary that falls out while you wait for a lab to make your new crown, no gluey and gag causing impression and you need only injection instead of two. So the savings are your time, comfort, anxiety and most importantly your money. DDP is better than tradition dental insurance for many reasons. With DDP there is no yearly maximum do as much work as you like unlike traditional dental insurance that have 1000-1500 dollar limits. DDP doesn't require a person to wait for approval of their benefits or what the plan allows, traditional dental insurance does. DDP covers porcelain veneers, invisalign, laser gum surgery , implants and many other procedures that tradition dental insurance doesn't cover. DDP cost much less than dental insurance and will save you large amounts of money unlike tradition dental insurance. DDP is the dental cover of the future but is here today for you.

DDP will give you access to high tech dentistry. Most people are unfamiliar with high tech dentistry and the benefits it provides them. High tech dentistry removes many of the unpleasant aspects of dentistry. For starters many people hate taking dental x-rays, they gag the x-ray film cuts their mouth and they don't like the radiation associated with them. At high tech dentistry we use a advanced x-ray machine that has no films, 95% less radiation and nothing to gag them. A person simply rest their front teeth on a small plastic stick and in 15 seconds while standing a full mouth x-ray is taken. People love its simplicity and comfort.

Many people need crowns because their teeth break or decay to a point where they can't be fixed by a regular filling. This procedure commonly takes 2 or 3 visits, takes many weeks, and involves procedures that gag people. With high tech dentistry we try not to do a crown but an onlay which saves tooth structure and reduces the probability of a root canal in the future. If a onlay or a crown is needed we do it in one visit, in less than an hour, and no impressions that gag you. Your new tooth is computer generated right in front of you and milled in a matter of 5-8 minutes. You can watch your new tooth be made or read a magazine. Your new tooth is all porcelain, no metal, which means no grey line around your gumline, ever. There is no beating a computer generated tooth, the fit is always perfect and looks and feels great.

Many people are deathly afraid of getting injections. High tech dentistry uses laser to fill you cavities eliminating the need for injections. Lasers also can be used to treat gum disease. Laser gum surgery means no scaples and stitches and annoying gum packing after surgery. The post operative pain is so much less than tradition gum surgery. Lasers are also used to find your cavities. No longer are cavities found with the dental pick which hurts and finds cavities when they are getting large. A laser can find a cavity when it is small and be fixed by a laser without an injection

High tech dentistry offer mini implants that can stabilize your denture in less than one hour. These implants are placed without any scaples or stitches . There is no bleeding and can be used the same moment they are placed. Even missing teeth can be replaced with the same type of implant. In less than one hour your missing tooth can be replaced with minimal discomfort and maximum results.

Our dental office is set up for maximum comfort. Cookies are baked fresh all day long. No more dental office smell and something good to eat when you get home, if you can wait that long. Green mountain coffee and teas are served in the waiting room for our guests. Television and a large array of magazines are also available. Blankets are available while you are getting your work done. The staff is polite and friendly and will always greet you when you arrive. They will help you with all your questions. High tech dentistry will change your dental experience to a very positive experience.

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How The Plan Works?

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The discounted dental plan is very easy to understand. For a small monthly fee you will receive free exams, x-rays and tooth polishing once a year. All other dental services will be deeply discounted from the normal fee charged. All fees are posted on fee schedule page. There are no hidden fees and fees won't change as long as a person is enrolled. A person will be receiving high tech dentistry and will be amazed at how dentistry has changed. An example of how great the saving are a crown which is normally priced at $1050 dollars will now be $399 dollars when made in the office with our state of the art computer imaging system ( cerec dental technology). The plan includes services for implants, veneers, cosmetic dentures, laser gum surgery, laser to fix cavities. These services are not covered by traditional dental insurance. Other benefits are there is no pre-approval most dental insurance want.

There is no denying of benefits like with traditional insurance, if you want a procedure done you qualify every time. There is no -down coding. This is a process where the insurance company pays the cheapest fee for a service instead of the larger fee for the proper service. Discount dental saving plan allows you to receive high tech dentistry at a price most people can afford.

So don't wait join the discounted dental savings plan today the enrollment is limited to 1500 people.


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